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Term Two Learning

As school holidays for our children and young people start, we understand how important it is that you know what is planned for your child's learning for Term 2. Attached is a Preference for Learning form for you to complete and return via email by Wednesday 15th April.


How to Log into Canvas & 365

Troubleshooting your Login Name and Password

We have been in contact with our school community and are aware that there are isssues with accessing Office 365. We believe this is because Office 365 is not a Department of Education platform. For this reason we ask that you attempt to login to Canvas first by following the information provided below:

How to Log Into Canvas

Go to (this information is found on the front page of Canvas Support document that was sent home)


Put your students log in username into the sign in box

For example: for Billy Smith -


If your child knows their password get them to type it in (older students will hopefully know their password) otherwise try using your child’s birth date as their password.

For example: if the child’s birthday is 03/11/2010

Their password will be – 03112010

If you have used your child’s birthdate as a password a box will pop up that allows you to change their password

Type in your username:

Old password


New password

(you might like to choose a simple password that your child can easily input)


  • Wait at least 30 minutes before attempting to log into your email through Microsoft 365 using the same username and password.
  • If you are not able to get into Canvas please email, call the school office on 63 918261 or post a query on our facebook page and we will reset your child’s password back to their birthdate.
  • If you are not able to access Microsoft 365 please try again in 24 hours and then if you are still unable to login contact the above email for a reset.

Book Club Issue 2 Arrived

Issue 2 Book Club has arrived for those who have ordered and is ready for collection from school office 9am-4pm tomorrow.

Evandale Primary School - Learning

Further to our previous correspondence and aligning with the Premier's order, learning packs for students are to be collected from 3pm-6pm today. If you are unable to come in please make collection arrangements with family or friends. Thank you for your understanding.

Learning from Home - Evandale PS

Evandale Primary School have just been notified of the Premier's order to remain in your primary residence from midnight tonight. Take home packs will be available to collect from 3pm-6pm today outside the front of the office. Please look for your child's box and labelled packs. Free books are also available.

Message from the Premier

You are advised to keep your children at home and not attend school next week unless you are a worker in an essential service or cannot provide supervision of your children at home. Regular learning programs will not be in operation next week - take home packs will be ready for parents to collect next week. Where possible please keep your children at home.

Parent Teacher Interview 2019

Booking Parent Teacher Interviews please use link below:

For further assistance with booking instructions please use below link for more information:

Welcome to our New Website

We hope you like our new website and any feedback is appreciated.